Spidey chose the wrong heroes to play tag with.

Spider-Man Family: Amazing Friends

Marvel Comics (October, 2006)

Like the previous Spider-Man Family comic this features some original stories and reprints. I will again do the reprinted stories as separate reviews, except for the Petey story. (That’s the one where Peter is a kid before he became Spider-Man.) That’s also a reprint but too short for it’s own review since it was a back-up story.

COVER ART: Patrick Olliffe, Livesay, & Lee Loughridge

PRODUCTION: Brad Johansen

“Opposites Attack!”

(takes place before Web Of Spider-Man #75)

WRITER: Sean McKeever

PENCILERS: Patrick Olliffe, Casey Jones, Kano, and Nick Dragotta

INKERS: Livesay, Vince Russell, Kano, Alvaro Lopez, and Nick Dragotta

COLORIST: Lee Loughridge

LETTERER: Melanie Olsen

The Mini-Marvels: “Spidey & His Amazing Co-Workers”

WRITER: Sean McKeever

ARTIST: Chris Giarrusso


EDITOR: Nathan Cosby

Petey: “Hydra & Go-Seek”


EDITOR: Tom Brevoort

Our main feature has Spider-Man hanging out with Iceman when they’re visited by Firestar. Let’s just say fire and ice really don’t mix but footage of Firestar kissing Spidey on the cheek leads to tabloid stuff and this is when Peter and Mary Jane were still marries. The trio continue to come across each other and Spidey gets the strange idea that Iceman and Firestar bicker because they secretly like each other, and tries to play matchmaker. They actually start dating for a while until an argument breaks out after defeating Video Man, a living computer game. They break up and Peter ends up with a really bad cold as punishment.

This is a tribute of course to Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends, where Firestar first appeared. (She was later brought into the comics.) While the appearance of Video Man seems odd for the main Marvel universe (he appeared twice on the show) my nostalgia kind of wants me to ignore that. Yeah, having them date was a bad idea…especially as of this writing now that Marvel has decided Bobby is full on gay and not into women at all despite what this story says…but overall it’s a fun tribute to the 80s cartoon and I kind of love it. Plus more fun with loving couple Peter and Mary Jane Parker. Great story, but I say that as a fan of the show they’re honoring.

The Mini-Marvels story continues this trend, but in the odd world of Mini-Marvels, where the heroes are kids who have silly adventures, a precursor to Giarrusso’s G-Man series, though he didn’t write this one. In this reality Peter wears his Spider-Man outfit at work and is the Daily Bugle‘s newspaper delivery boy. Since he’s been slacking off while trying to beat a tough video game villain boss (my money’s on Video Man again), Jameson hires two new kids to help him…with the papers, he doesn’t know about the video game. As you can guess it’s Iceman and Firestar, who Spidey tricks into doing his route for him by lying about fighting supervillains. He finally beats the game boss but his stories convince the two mutants to quit and go superheroing with Hawkeye. It’s a fun story as well in the Mini Marvel Mold.

After the #2 issues of Untold Tales Of Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 I’ll be reviewing in the next two weeks (fewer comics than last time and I wonder why they didn’t use the Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends one-shot comic they later reprinted as Marvel Action Universe (which I reviewed) as part of this) is the “Petey” story from Untold Takes Of Spider-Man #-1, part of the Flashback month gimmick from July, 1997. The story finds Petey is asked by Mrs. Watson to pick up a package for her at the toy store, but Flash wants the dollar reward for delivering it. All he does is get the package destroyed, which was meant as a birthday present for Flash because his mom was having Mrs. Watson hide it. Actually it was a Hydra death ray because the packages got switched so maybe it’s a good thing in the end? This one was better than the last one I read. I almost enjoyed it.

As for the other two comics I’ll review them over the next two weeks. Check the comments to see if there’s a pingback for them or just check the site for the next two Tuesdays.

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