In this issue: Spider-Man 2099 crosses over with Emergency+4 2099. (Now there’s an old reference.)

Spider-Man: 2099 #2

Marvel Comics (December, 1992; as reprinted in Spider-Man Family: Amazing Friends)

“Nothing Ventured”

WRITER: Peter David

PENCILER: Rick Lonardi

INKER: Al Williamson

COLORIST: Noelle Giddings

LETTERER: Rick Parker

EDITOR: Joey Cavalieri

Aaron tries to kill Miguel even when Miguel is trying to save him, so both fail to do so. Miguel escapes and heads home, dealing with his worried brother Gabriel. Miguel has worries of his own when a cyborg known as Venture tracks him home. Still not fully aware of his new powers, Miguel uses a costume made of unstable molecule fabric and a piece of “lite cloth” glider he got from a Thor acolyte who helped him escape, Miguel puts himself together a Spider-Man style costume and makes a questionable impression on Venture when they meet.

What they got right: I want to say something about how we’re two issues in and really haven’t caught up to where we started the comic before this flashback began, but I’m reading this in reprints of a seasonal collection of new and reprinted stories which is part of me reading a Marvel comic a week until I run out. I’m not exactly reading this as intended. I will say that the space is at least being used well as Miguel figures out what his newly-mutated body can do, and a bit of world building with the Thor acolyte. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Fantastic Four’s Unstable Molecule Fabric wasn’t released to the public (though I get the impression it may not be the cheapest clothing option but one Miguel will have to deal with due to his new talons) by this version of 2099 as seen in 1992.

What they got wrong: Cheap shot at Aunt May even if they are trying establish the difference between Peter and Miguel. I think it’s the “kill that one” part. Of course he means Lyta using that form and personality and it’s just a hologram but given May died around this time before being retconned away later it just seems a bit…”tasteless” is a bit strong and it wasn’t intentional but it still doesn’t feel right.

Recommendation: This is the only 2099 series that really gets remembered and I think for good reason, but I only know a few others through reviews. It’s still worth checking out.


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