Why not just call it “Superman & The Legion Of Super-Heroes”, like the cartoon? I don’t remember the name being in use.

Legion Of Super-Heroes In The 31st Century #1 (Free Comic Book Day edition)

DC Comics (June, 2007)

“Yesterday’s Hero”


ARTIST: Chyna Clugston

COLORIST: Guy Majors



EDITOR: Jeanine Schaefer

Based on Superman And The Legion Of Super-Heroes, the Kids WB series, this is an adaptation of the first episode as the Legion goes back in time to get Superman’s help to stop the Fatal Five. However, the story is told through confessional-style interviews, which Lightning Lad already goofed up with his very bias perspective.

What they got right: The altered framing device allows us to not only get a handle on this incarnation of Lighting Lad, Brainiac-5, Phantom Girl, Triplicate Girl, and Bouncing Boy (the heroes who were in the first episode), but offers a fresh take on the story for people who saw the show while catching anyone who didn’t up with the concept. It’s actually kind of brilliant going this route.

What they got wrong: This version of Lightning Lad is a conceited jerk and his messing around kind of hurts the interview segments since he’s not only an unreliable narrator for the audience but also messes up Phantom Girl and Saturn Girl’s interviews with his screwed up take. We don’t get to see how it really happened since there isn’t space for this. I like the shows to point to the comics, not the other way around. And as I noted in the cover caption, why change the name? DC wouldn’t use that name until a year later and since they weren’t calling him Superboy in this version (which given the naming trend they probably should have, at least for season one) using the actual show name might have been the better option.

Recommendation: It’s not the best introduction to the series thanks to Lightning Lad messing up other people’s interviews, so maybe watch the episode first or soon after.


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