“I keep tripping over super-deformed kids today.”

DC Nation Super Sampler

DC Comics (July, 2013)

COLORING: Heroic Age

Beware The Batman: “Rough Seas”

PLOT: Mitch Watson

WRITER: Scott Beatty

ARTIST: Luciano Vecchio


EDITORS: Alex Antone & Sarah Gaydos

Teen Titans Go!: “Magic & Misdirection”

(featuring pages originally printed in Teen Titans Go! #12)

WRITER: J. Torres

PENCILER; Todd Nauck

INKER: Lary Stucker

LETTERER: Phil Balsman


EDITOR: Tom Palmer, Jr.

Two stories based on the “DC Nation” programming block on Cartoon Network. Our first story has Batman stopping a shipment of weapons with the help of Alfred (who’s a bit more hand-on in this show). Tobias Whale was behind the smuggling but his benefactor is Anarky, who is just happy to have a worthy opponent.

I never really cared for the show. The art style of the computer animation didn’t work for me (Batman can’t fit a brain into that skull) and it takes a lot of liberties with Alfred while for some reason replacing Robin with Katana, who also has a lot of liberties taken. Don’t get me wrong, the show itself is quite good but it doesn’t feel like a proper Batman adaptation. The story itself is good for the “run time” though I feel like it’s less about promoting the tie-in comic than promoting the show. That’s not really the purpose of Free Comic Book Day.

The reprinted Teen Titans story is only a few pages of a longer story…again. That’s annoying but at least what we’re given feels like a complete story outside of what’s going on with Beast Boy as Terra (this story taking place before the truth came out about her I guess) and Starfire out looking for him, shown using the “Tiny Titans” or whatever they’re called (not to be confused with Art Baltazar and Franco’s comic series of the same name) running around the gutters. The story focused on here is Robin, Cyborg, and Raven coming across Mumbo using tricks to distract the Titans. Robin finds Beast Boy and the Titans gather together to stop Mumbo.

The interesting thing about this is that Torres plays with the comic page the way Mumbo on the show could play with the world in general. Titans Tower is replaced with a connect the dots that would form the tower. Robin’s zapped and his words (but not the sentences) are backwards, like Zatanna casting a magic spell. (Too bad they didn’t play with that.) Robin also has to go through a maze (which the reader can help with) to reach the bank when Mumbo goes to rob it. I wonder if the full story plays these games as well?

Overall it wasn’t a bad story but they need to stop doing this partial reprint stuff, especially when they’re reprinting a comic based on the previous Teen Titans cartoon series to promote the more comedic one that was coming to Cartoon Network and often was antagonistic of the old shows fans unhappy with the new interpretation. The Beware The Batman story would be reprinted in I think one of the trade collections (while some of this ended up in last year’s sampler according to the Grand Comics Database) and isn’t worth going though the trouble to track down this sampler. In short, seek out the regular issues and trades.

This may be the last of the DC Universe comic reviews for DC Monday. I still have some comics in my comiXology library but I’m already dipping into that twice a week and that’s less time going through my physical comics. I will keep on this course if you guys want or I could just start the next series and let those leftover DCU stories show up in the Saturday comiXology reviews. What say you?


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