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This is what I wrote in the comments:

Here’s where I stand on Batgirl and I may have mentioned it before. Unless you want to get into the Silver Age and Bat-Girl, Barbara created the modern version of the Batgirl identity but she didn’t always take it as seriously as Batman and Robin did. The part everyone forgets is that Barbara gave up the mantle believing she could do more for Gotham City representing their district in Washington, D.C. and became a congresswoman. This is where she was when the Joker paralyzed her, having long given up being Batgirl. Her reinvention as Oracle gave her something being Batgirl didn’t and even if they did undo the paralysis she more interesting as Oracle.

Stephanie on the other hand already created her own identity as Spoiler. Much like Sam Wilson dropping Falcon to become Captain America she’s dropping a superhero identity she herself created and cultivated in favor of being an also-ran, which I feel is a step down for her and surprisingly doesn’t benefit her as a character.

Cassandra on the other hand NEEDED to be Batgirl as part of her character growth, having been the “victim” of her forced assassin training by her own father and what that cost her. Batgirl is her redemption in the same way Batman was Terry McGuinnes’s redemption. Only Terry was into petty crimes with his friend as a way to act out after his parents’ divorce rather than murdering dudes because she was born to be a killer. That’s why Cassandra is my favorite to take on the mantle of Batgirl and why I’m not as interested in the others, despite having grown up with Barbara in the role.

Nothing against Stephanie mind you. I just think it’s better to create your own persona if you can. Cassandra couldn’t. Barbara had already left it, so in my opinion (you’re welcome to disagree) Steph is better being herself.

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