It was then that Sean regretted getting extra garlic…but not as much as Marie.

Robotech Masters #15

Comico The Comic Company (April, 1987)

“Love Song”

WRITER: Mike Baron

PENCILER: Neil Vokes

INKER: Tom Poston

COLORIST: Tom Vincent

LETTERER: Bob Pinaha

EDITOR: Diana Schutz

Lt. Brown, one of Emerson’s supporters, sees through Supreme Commander Leonard sending any who opposes his “throw soldiers at the enemy until we get lucky” strategy and tries to convince Emerson, but he’s a soldier who follows orders. Bowie tries to hide the fact that he’s upset about his godfather going into a bad idea. Meanwhile, Lt. Komodo seeks Dana’s help in getting Nova to notice him before he has to go on the mission, but Nova is questioning if Zor is trying to put the moves on her and thinks he’s the mysterious “secret admirer”, a flaw in Dana’s plan. As this goes on an old fling of Sean’s messes up his date with Marie and gives her the wrong idea, causing her to go on a rage-induced drive in the city. All these events converge as Brown, already bumped from the mission thanks to a mistake by Nova, protects Marie’s reputation by taking over the jeep and leading the MPs away as Nova and Dana protect her. On launch day, Nova wishes Komodo a safe return, Marie runs off without hearing Sean out as she boards for the mission, and the Robotech Masters create the prototype for their new triumvirate-based mecha.

What they got right: The shows chosen for Robotech follow similar themes, one of them being love at a time of war. The story itself is well done as all of these issues come together. The comic has some better dialog than the episode.

What they got wrong: But not completely. It’s the episode where we’re told Brown is trying to cover Marie’s reputation as a war hero, while in the comic he just does it for no explained reason. Nova was the one who gave Zor the file on Alice (or at least its pre-reconstruction into a war base by Leonard) and that’s why she’s wondering about why she did it and why she gives Zor the cold shoulder.

Recommendation: A good episode and a good comic adaptation. Check them both out.

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