I’m still trying to figure out what anyone wants with Janeway.

Star Trek: Voyager #6

Marvel/Paramount Comics (April, 1997)

“Relicquest” part one

WRITER: Ben Raab

PENCILER: Jesus Redondo

INKER: Sergio Melia

COLORIST: John Kalisz

LETTERER: Chris Eliopoulous

EDITOR: Tim Tuohy

It’s been two months since the crew have been off the ship and the stress is getting to everyone, even Janeway. Tom and Harry even end up in a fight and have to be put into the brig, which does nothing to cool them down. Finally they find a Class-M world they may be able to get supplies, but according to Neelix the whole system was destroyed by an accidentally set off psychic-powered weapon. The planet is devoid of life…at least until the away team beams down. They meet Bonai and his pet. Bonai claims he isn’t alive but isn’t a ghost, but sends the away team back to the ship. He requests Janeway’s help in finding a relic and when she starts to refuse he reveals the rest of the team–a Kazon, a Trabe, and a Vidiian, three of the nastier groups Voyager‘s come across in the Delta Quadrant. Whatever this powerful relic is, these are not the people who should have access to it so she agrees to join up.

What they got right: The opening of this story is interesting. Janeway is also feeling the stress of lacking shore leave and we see also the weight of her trying to get everyone home. I’m curious if the relic turns out to be the weapon that destroyed all life in the system.

What they got wrong: I feel sorry for away team member #4. He doesn’t get a name and Janeway only seems to care that Kes and Tuvok are safe. Sucks to be that guy. He doesn’t even get any dialog. Why is he even here?

Recommendation: A fair start but it depends on the rest of the storyline whether I can recommend it. It’s not very exciting on its own.

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