Okay, now I’m convinced.

In the past this is the part where I would say “Hanna John-Kamen is light enough that she could pull it off with a wig” and technically she could but I’ve been burned by that before. They’d also have to lighten her skin to match Red Sonja’s complexion, which would be seen as racist and I couldn’t argue against that. Sonja is a fair-skinned woman with bright red hair, the only thing the last movie got right, and she still didn’t have the right hair style. (I’m not sure how much of that you could pull off but it doesn’t look like they tried or Brigette Nielsen’s hair refused to cooperate. Or she did. You know celebrities.) Also see what they did to Impulse, and the long history of Jimmy Olsen, plus the recent shot of the new Impulse in the CW DCU (even the picture looks terrible–the photographer and graphic artist should be ashamed of themselves) and I’m totally on board now with the anti-redhead bias in Hollywood. Given how few redhead heroes there are seeing them tossed out sends a message. I’m not even a redhead and I find that disappointing, showcasing how full of crap the current sociopolitical climate is and why I try to give it as little legitimacy as possible by not discussing it when I can get away with it.

Bet she doesn’t wear the traditional outfit, either. Yes, I know at one point the comics gave her a full-body costume. I wrote about it. However it’s not her traditional look and ditching iconography by pointing to a temporary costume change (see also the “black Superman costume” from Justice League: The Snyder Cut) will not win me over.

Meanwhile at the Clutter Reports my plans failed again. It seems to be worse this year than it’s been since 2016 because of all the constant stops before I can even attempt to get ahead. 2016 was just a complete freeze and still worse.

So as I prepare for yet another #%#!$% surgery I’m going to try to get as much in as I can and schedule a few things. That means another Chapter By Chapter installment of Star Trek: Prime Directive, setting up something for next week, and getting I don’t know what this week. Have a good one, everybody!

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