If you thought that was a long title it’s not even the full title.

Maybe Bruce’s theming IS getting out of control.

Halloween Comic Fest 2014 – Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight Special Edition

DC Comics (2014)

“All Hell Breaks Loose”

WRITER: Jeph Loeb

ARTIST: Tim Sale

COLORIST: Gregory Wright

LETTERER: Todd Klein

EDITOR: Archie Goodwin

This is actually an excerpt from the graphic novel Batman: Haunted Knight. Since I never make the ComicFests this actually came from comiXology but it’s no longer being made available on the site. I have it my library which is the only reason I still have access to it.

The Scarecrow has been blowing up power plants. Batman manages to catch him after getting a face full of a new form of Scarecrow’s fear toxin but it appears to have no effect. The officers carting him to Arkham aren’t so lucky. Meanwhile, Bruce holds a Halloween party where he meets a woman named Jillian Maxwell, who is also able to avoid Alfred a couple days later after Batman fails to stop Scarecrow from resuming his power plant scheme. It’s here the excerpt ends.

What they got right: We get some inner monologue noting that Batman chose his identity to scare crooks, not because he’s nuts, though he also wonders if his work ethic is tied to his dad’s. There’s a nice scene where you get to guess the costumes. Some of them come from indie comics but not ones tied to these creators. Also of course they threw in Where’s Waldo. It sets up the story well enough.

What they got wrong: It doesn’t work well on it’s own, though. We can guess Jillain is important to the story, possibly being Poison Ivy in disguise given that she’s part of this story according to the comiXology solicit for this book and the way the rose is pictured at one point. It’s also possible Scarecrow’s toxin does get to him. In addition to not getting sleep there’s a shot focusing on where he gets cut by one crook. I know they’re setting something up but I’d rather they make or publish stories that work on their own. I dislike when Free Comic Book Day and Halloween ComicFest stories do this. I know it’s all about promoting the comics but I’d rather a self-contained story, even if it’s a reprint or excerpt.

Recommendation: If this sounds interesting you’re better off finding the full graphic novel than this excerpt comic.


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