No, I’m not trashing New Who again. I think the last video I posted from someone took five hours to say it all about what’s wrong with Chibnall’s run. I agree with most of what was said but it’s the early part about how different it was for fans of shows like classic Doctor Who to connect with other fans in the pre-internet days versus the internet today and all points in-between that I found the most fascinating.

Catch more from The Equilibrium Reviews on his YouTube channel.

It was actually a 360 video of the original Hartnell TARDIS made in Blender that I first saw from this guy. He also forgot to mention the Chibnall TARDIS (New Who seems to change console rooms with the director…except for Moffat, who gave Matt Smith two console rooms, the second being in my opinion the best New Who TARDIS and I’m glad Capaldi’s Doctor got to furnish it up a bit and improve what was already amazing) is the ugliest console ever, beating that mess Davies had. Yeah, I hate the coral room too.

It was tough though to talk to fellow fans, especially of a kids-focused property like Doctor Who or Transformers. Frankly, Power Rangers fans got lucky as they came in just before the internet introduced chat rooms, Usenet, and forums. Now you have social media, Facebook groups, and videos by people who also enjoy that stuff. You punk kids have it lucky…if your shows weren’t increasingly pale imitations of what came before. Looking at you too, Star Trek.

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