Yeah, I heard he reformed or something but would this have worked with The Plutonian?

I tried watching the “motion comic” version of Invincible when MTV had it years ago and that showed it wasn’t my kind of comic. From what I’ve seen of the current cartoon that hasn’t changed. Mostly this is just me pushing back against the evil Superman clones using one of them. If you want to tell me how Omni-Man gets better or something you missed the point and I really don’t care anyway.

Over at The Clutter Reports this week I’m prepping for the hernia surgery later this week with stuff I won’t be able to do afterwards, at least for a few weeks. That’s what I’ll be doing the next few days, including making stuff for this site. We will still have this week’s Chapter By Chapter review of Star Trek: Prime Directive.

While I hope to get everything in don’t be surprised if I suddenly drop off. I’ll finish when I can, but I’m hoping another Many Intros set will be quick to put together, namely The Many Intros Of Super Friends. I’ve already done it for Batman and Superman shows so why not the show where they started together. I may toss in the Justice League shows if I have time for a bonus but the main focus will be the series that made me a DC fan until DiDio ruined everything and Warner Brothers not only let him but stopped caring about the spin-off media too. We’ll see what happens this week, so have a good one everybody!


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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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