Don’t you hate it when the game designers get lazy and reuse the same few models repeatedly?

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy #7

Marvel/Paramount Comics (June, 1997)

“Hide & Seek”

WRITER: Chris Cooper

PENCILER: Chris Renaud

INKER: Andy Lanning

COLORIST: Kevin Somers



EDITOR: Bobbie Chase

It’s hard to prove Nog innocent of attacking Edam when even he claims to be guilty. His teammates aren’t buying it and a tip from Boothby finally convinces Nog he’s innocent while pointing to a shapeshifter. Matt comes up with a plan and with Edam conscious they manage to trap the intruder and even gain a bit of intel before it kills itself. Matt is put in charge of Omega Squadron, while the mysterious aliens from last issue gets closer to their destination.

What they got right: The new team worked pretty well together and hopefully will continue to bond. Edam being able to transmit to Nog though he can’t read him allowed for an interesting clue. Matt’s plan to smoke out the changeling was rather brilliant. Nog’s psyche exam was silly in the right way.

What they got wrong: You’re getting heavy handing with the T’Prell foreshadowing, comic! At this point the readers would be surprised if it doesn’t happen. (No spoilers just yet.) I’m not sure even Boothby would be able to see Nog’s psyche exam (sadly we’ll never learn what his deal was…even Guinan had some history development eventually). I’d have to check if what the comic is saying about Ferengi and telepathy is even canon.

Recommendation: A good overall two-part story with only a few hiccups. Recommended to check out.

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  1. […] they got right: Evan is still recovering from mentally battling the Founder in the previous issue. T’Prell’s story and the foreshadowing of what’s coming later actually serves the […]


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