Three Saturdays ago I went to my cousin’s party, the first since the lockdowns (not the first one in my family but the first I was able to attend post-surgery) and ended up so tired I spent most of it in the house on the couch despite being a warm but pleasant day.

Two Saturdays ago I went to a parade my aunt was a part of and walked around the corresponding carnival for a bit. Again, I seemed to overdo it as I haven’t had as much exercise lately.

Last Saturday I ended up in the ER with a kidney stone that I still need to pass as of this writing.

This Saturday I want to do what I didn’t get to do last Saturday…stay the @#@$ home and rest!

The problem is this Saturday is Free Comic Book Day, not the usual May given all the pandemic crap that extended into this year. As I write this it appears I may be missing out this year because I am still supposed to be recovering from a multiple mini-hernia surgery. I need to get more active to get my body working and lose some more weight but I’ve also had to drive to two doctors this week and I think that’s enough, especially since it’s going to be Tatooine out here in Connecticut this weekend. (It’s there now.) However, there are still titles I wish I could get and hope they show up either at comiXology or Drive-Thru Comics, and even if I do go I probably wouldn’t be up to the usual live tweet review or doing any interviews. (Not that I see a guest list at my comic store of choice, mind you.) So, going over the previews over at the official Free Comic Book Day website, some of which are just descriptions, I’ve picked out a few that I wish I were able to pick up. Oddly, DC has no offerings this year and given the rumors lately you’d think they’d go out of their way to get something out just to say “no, WarnerMedia isn’t going to shut us down yet, we’re still active!” but they haven’t been very good at that. So what is coming out that looks good?


Best I can tell, “gold” and “silver” are simply saying “here are the big companies and here are the small ones”, though I’m pretty sure one is costing the comic book store more. Yes, you aren’t paying for the special Free Comic Book Day editions but they are.

  • FCBD 2021 ARCHIE PAST PRESENT & FUTURE FUN: It’s kind of odd for Archie Comics to do a special around the version of Archie they pretty much abandoned for their more modern art style, but here it is. In two stories we have an alternate universe Jughead from the Time Police seeing classic Archie’s help in stopping various Archie supervillains (just go with it) from pulling a Crisis On Infinite Riverdales scenario. The second has original Archie and modern Archie paying an unwelcome visit on classic Archie on the comic’s 80th anniversary. It looks like two fun stories though I’m not usually a big Archie fan. I’m curious how well it pays tribute to the various comic, animated, and live-action variations. (Yes, there’s more than one live-action Archie. Look up the TV movie Archie: To Riverdale and Back Again.)
  • FCBD 2021 BLADE RUNNER ONESHOT: I think I missed the animated special on Cartoon Network’s Toonami block and I know I missed out on the game while the sequel movie is on my Finally Watch list. I do enjoy the original movie and I’m curious what Titan is doing with the franchise. No preview for this one.
  • FCBD 2021 INVESTIGATORS ANTS IN PANTS SNEAK PEEK: Actually, I’m not sure I’d end up getting this one. It’s a preview for the fourth graphic novel in the Investigators series, which appears to be about a pair of investigators who are also alligators. This is a recommendations article, and maybe your kiddies might like it.


Frankly I don’t get the division. One of these comics comes from Dark Horse, who should be among the top names, and a second one from Marvel, who currently is (and yet neither Marvel offering gives you much of an idea what they’re about–the Gold option at least showed artwork and a description that said something). I think my current info was wrong and I am right about this being about what it costs the comic store.

  • FCBD 2021 10 TON OF FUN SAMPLER: Honestly, I’d be getting this one more for review purposes. Red Dawn, about a government superhero on the run from her old masters, might be interesting but none of the sampled comics get more than a single page. A prequel story for Victor Frankenstein…yeah, maybe. I don’t know anything about Charlie & Humphrey and I couldn’t care less about the heavy metal biographical comic. Not one I’d really get if I didn’t have this site, but it would be interesting to investigate being a smaller publisher.
  • FCBD 2021 ALLERGIC: This looks like the obligatory cute, heartwarming comic of the recommendations. It’s the tale of a girl who feels like the odd one out because her parents are worried about the new baby and her older twin siblings spend more time together, being twins. So she’s going to get a puppy…but you can tell from the title that’s not going to go as planned. Not every comic has to be a sci-fi superhero adventure, not even in my collection, and this looks like it might be fun.
  • FCBD 2021 AVATAR LAST AIRBENDER LEGEND OF KORRA: Only because they’re promising an Aang story as well because frankly I don’t care about Korra. No preview on this one either so I might actually avoid it when I see it if I do go. If not, this one will likely show up on comiXology at some point.
  • FCBD 2021 DUNGEON IS BACK: Honestly I’m not sure on this one. The preview looks funny in the right ways but it’s a long running franchise I don’t know a lot about. Granted, that’s the point of Free Comic Book Day, to introduce you to new comics (and allegedly non-comic readers to comics but they’d still need a local comic store taking part that they could find) but I might change my mind since I am trying to cut my current collection down a bit. (hint, hint)
  • FCBD 2021 KYLES LITTLE SISTER: There always seem to be one that I’m just kind of curious about that also falls into the cute category. This tale of a girl dealing with the shadow of her more popular and outgoing brother is one of those curiosities.
  • FCBD 2021 SMURFS TALES: Apparently they’re getting a new cartoon on Nickelodeon, though given recent track records I’m prepared for it to be another bad adaptation no matter how good the show itself turns out to be. This is also the debut of Super Smurf, which is a Smurf figurine I…actually may still have from my childhood, though I broke it off the stand so I could fly it around. Dumb kid. I don’t know what the other stories will be or if these five pages were it but that alone makes me want to get it.
  • FCBD 2021 SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 30TH ANNIVERSARY: I haven’t read the one from last year that’s in my comiXology library but I am curious about IDW’s take on Sonic, having read the Archie version on and off for maybe the last half of its run. In this story Amy is making comics based on Sonic’s adventures. Gee, at least when Tails created his own comic in the Archie series it was the “original” character Captain Super Fox Man (based on him but what comic creator hasn’t done that?).
  • FCBD 2021 STREET FIGHTER BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL #1: I’ve enjoyed the Udon Street Fighter FCBD comics before, though this seems to be another one focused on the younger, newer characters still in school than the classic adult fighters. At least according to the description because the preview is just more art.

These are the ones that have me excited or at least curious but there are plenty more. Check the full list and see what you like. AND DON’T FORGET TO BUY SOMETHING WHILE YOU’RE THERE!!!!!!!!! Like I said, you aren’t paying for these comics but the comic store still is, which is why they may not have everything on the list. So while you’re there look on the shelves for the regular, you-still-have-to-pay-for-them comics, check out the back issues and graphic novels, get some merchandise, pick up some bags and boards for your free comics, but as comic stores continue to be hurt between the economy and the stupidity of some comic publishers (plus Diamond may be putting on this event but they tend to screw over the smaller stores) both lead to comic stores closing or at least hurting, sending a few bucks their way is a good show of appreciation for potentially introducing you to your new favorite comic.

Have a happy and safe Free Comic Book Day. I’ll probably be home hopefully finally getting some rest.

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