Well, that’s the working title of this pitch by Rob of The Cartoon Clipshow and Rob’s Toy Bin. Rob doesn’t just review cartoons but he’s been wanting to make one. “Play Things” is the working title for is latest project. The idea of toys in a toy store coming to life isn’t a completely new idea, but any idea can have a fresh take due to characters, additional setting details, and the lore surrounding it.

In the below show pitch, Rob discusses the story behind his concept, introduces some of the main characters, and discusses what he hopes to achieve as the preliminary work continues. Does this sound like a show you’d like to check out?

Catch The Cartoon Clipshow and follow his idea’s progress on Rob’s YouTube channel.

Needs a transforming robot, but that’s just my personal tastes coming into play. 😀

One thing I wonder about is whether this is going to be an action show like Power Players, a show where toys come to life and battle each other for control of…well, I watched an episode once and wasn’t interested so world domination is the usual go-to, or will it just be antics in a toy store where some of the toys are just jerks or bad. I do like the idea of a human being in on this. Again, Power Players is the only time I’ve seen that while Toy Story, The Secret World Of Toys, and old theatrical shorts who have used this idea usually avoid humans knowing they’re alive on some level. The Secret World Of Toys even went so far that if they noticed you were out of place you stopped being alive, which is a bit dark for Jim Henson’s more kid-friendly works but I am curious what the rules are regarding human awareness in light of Kat and their work in the store’s business functions. And what happens if someone buys one of those toys?

There are some great ideas and I’m interested in seeing more. If you think you may want to help out with the pilot and fully fleshed out (plasticed-out?) pitch there are contact links on his YouTube channel in the about section. I’ll also link to artist Ben Molulon’s art site if you want to know more about him. Good luck, Rob!

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