Sadly this is the last time I can make fun of Angel Grove.

Created from footage of Electromagnetic Sentai Megaranger, a Sentai with a video game motif, Power Rangers In Space had our heroes travelling to different planets while also defending Earth from a new threat courtesy of Dark Spectre. It would be the last show to continue from the previous show (unless you count adding “super” to the name in season two during the Neo Saban period) even though every series has been part of a small Rangers multiverse, most of which take place in the same dimension. Obviously not all of them because in the main universe the dinosaurs are still dead and the would-be Terminators never wiped out humanity. The Power Ranger multiverse is a strange place. This would also be the last season where the team would continue on with new powers, instead giving us new teams and the occasional return of an old Ranger or other character, continuing the lore but not the chain of Rangers.

However, the tale of four members of the Turbo Rangers teaming with two space aliens to travel the universe wasn’t the original idea for the show. In this video, YouTuber Este does a brief going over for the original story bible for Power Rangers Mega Rangers and what was different from Power Rangers In Space.

Catch more from Este on his YouTube channel.

Justin gets an unnecessarily bad rep in my opinion. The idea’s fine, they just needed to be able to work with the idea better. I liked him, but his leaving the team because his dad was moving out of Angel Grove does make sense.

In the past I’ve covered story bibles for Batman: The Animated Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation, comparing and contrasting what was in the writer’s guide with what ended up on screen. Would you folks like to see me tackle this dropped guide? Here’s SirStack’s archive of it if you want to check it out yourself and let me know if I should do my own deep dive.

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