Based on the manga series by  Riichiro Inagaki and BoichiDr. Stone takes place in a world where humanity (and for some reason birds) were all turned to stone, or at least encased in a stone tomb and either entering sleep or fighting to survive Rory Williams style for thousands of years. When the title character, actually named Senku Ishigami, awakens he has one goal…restore the modern world he knows through this obsession with science. Aiding him is his best friend Taiju Oki and others who have also awoken in this strange land…though there are some who would use this new reality for their own ends.

Tonight, thanks to TMS Entertainment’s official English YouTube channel I get to bring you the first episode. You may have heard about it and how it discusses science in an entertaining way (though I don’t know how it works as actual education) but if you haven’t check it out here’s your introduction. In the first episode Taiju is about to finally tell his long time crush how he feels, but gets interrupted by the stone incident. Waking up centuries later he meets  up with Senku and while together they’ll save the world Taiju just wants to awaken his crush and finally tell her how he feels. Enjoy.

While the official YouTube channel only has the first episode, various streaming services have either the dub, sub, or both of the first two seasons, with a third being announced as of this writing. The original manga is available through Viz and is available digitally on their website.

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