Okay, two things I have to bring up before I get to the actual article. Why is Hulk so short in the group shot at the end and why in a kid’s show is Namor referred to as “erotic”? Did it mean something else in the 1960s?

The Marvel Super Heroes was cheap even by 1960s levels. I mean, watch a Spider-Man cartoon from around the same time and realize the animation was better than this show.  By barely animating actual comic art, something that you’d see in 80s Little Golden VHS collections (we’ll have to discuss that some day) using their licensed books, the animation is in name only but still just barely more than the animatic style “motion comics” they still occasionally make today. The stories also came from the comics they were based on and led to clumsy dialog that just about worked in the comics of their day. Makes you look at Filmation’s DC shows from that time in a better light, doesn’t it? They used original stories and art and still had more animation than their Marvel counterparts.

Scott Niswander over at NerdSync did a video recently about the Captain America segments of the show, which led him down the rabbit hole of The Marvel Super Heroes. I would have waited for the Iron Man episodes, the one show I probably actually cared about, but I think he blew all the big behind-the-scenes info for the “Mighty Thor” segment (plus going to the doctor has messed up my schedule so I need a topic for tonight) so I’m going to post this one, too. Besides, if you’re a fan of the God Of Thunder and the city of Pittsburg you may find some interesting history here as well.

Catch more of Scott’s look at this show and other comic discussions on his YouTube channel.

If he thinks these theme songs are great, he apparently hasn’t caught Hulk’s. I’ve rarely seen someone try so hard for a rhyme as “Doc Bruce Banner, pelted by gamma rays/turns into the Hulk; ‘ain’t he unglammoraize’ “. Was Urbont up against a deadline?

Hopefully he’ll get to discuss the Iron Man cartoon soon. Granted it’s because Iron Man is my favorite Marvel hero, no matter how hard 21st century Marvel tries to ruin him. Frankly this show is so bad it’s funny so I do recommend trying to check it out. Apparently none of the rights owners care (as of this writing…now I’m starting to sound like Sasha from Casually Comics) if the episodes are posted to YouTube because there are quite a few postings not just of Cap and Thor but Iron Man, erotic Namor, and the Hulk, plus the intro and Merry Marching Marvel Society clip seen in this video. I’ll probably post the Iron Man one because when I am able to make videos my stuff goes in a different direction, but check his channel for when the rest of The Marvel Super Heroes have arrived.

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