Originally this was going to just be a Daily quick post, and then I saw some additional information in the comments that extended the length of this article. (As it is, the replacement was longer than normal for a quick post but still barely made the length.) So I figured why not go with it? I’m still a bit gunshy when it comes to the topic I wanted to talk about this week for reasons that will become obvious when I get to it, the “work” schedule was thrown off a bit this week, and the other topic I could discuss is not the fun Friday post I would prefer and more of a rant against more Hollywood hating animation and fans of the IP they’re working on. I can save those for next week. So let’s talk Sonic characters.

With a game series, numerous comic series, and a bunch of cartoons in both America and Japan, there are a lot of characters in the Sonic multiverse. While everyone has a favorite no matter how obscure it’s difficult to really follow every character and there are some that will probably be forgotten while others will elicit a “who?” from all but the most die hard of fan or fan who happened upon the character at the right time. Then there are characters that only gained any spotlight because the fans found out about them even though they weren’t meant to exist.

That’s close to the case of Honey The Cat (that’s her in the first box of selectable characters on the Sonic Universe cover above), a character that only existed in unfinished code in the Sonic The Fighters game as a nod to the game that it was inspired by. And yet, fans found out about her, liked her concept, and fought to get her some recognition. While she still hasn’t reach the level of some characters it’s worth looking into for the trivia alone. Johnny Vector goes over the history of the game, its ties to other Sega fighting games that led to her creation, and what the fanbase did to bring her to light.

Catch more from Johnny Vector on his YouTube channel

This must have been after I stopped reading Archie’s Sonic comics after the second Mega Man crossover since I had given up on them ever finishing the Mecha Sally stuff (I was not a fan of that arc) and they decided to scramble the Archie Sonicverse due to the issues they were having with former writer Ian Flynn. Honey sounds interesting and I hope someday someone does something good with her. I know I didn’t even hear about her until this video but I like the character and I kind of want to read up to see how or if her character arc ended before Archie lost the license.

Rob Krum, who was part of the thread in the Sonic Cult posting the host used, posted some additional information. It was this addition that extended this article from daily quickpost to feature article.

A few things: Fighting Vipers was based on the Virtua Fighter 2 engine, not Virtua Fighter, which used Model1 hardware and not Model2. And… oh gosh you got to the part with Honey in StF… there’s a bit of misinformation you’re delivering here. Honey’s eye transitions are fine actually, as evidenced when she is squished and hurt she closes her eyes, and when she is surprised by something like Amy’s “Look Over Here! ” attack or on the elevator to the final boss. Honey’s body when squished does use Amy’s assets, however Honey has assets of her own for squished body parts and Honey does have a VS screen portrait but goes unused in the Arcade version.

Both of these were fixed in the 2012 re-release. In fact, in an interview with AM2 porting team when making the 2012 release, they found Honey’s data on their own, most likely using debug mode. It was after this that they found fanart of Honey from the west when they searched for info about her. So I have no doubt Sega did acknowledge Honey on their own.

Honey is not completely fixed in the 2012 version actually, her continue screen is missing her pigtails.

As someone who was in that original thread from Sonic Cult, I would like to credit sonicblur, original discover of the character values, OmochaoAbuser who first used those values in an emulated environment, and myself who originally dug deeper and posted all the asset findings to Sonic Cult’s site. Would have loved to have collabed on this one, but it is what it is.

Forgot to add my own speculation as to why Honey was removed from the arcade release, and that may have been a hardware limitation on rendering her pigtails. I have played with Honey on actual arcade hardware, and whenever there’s a lot of movement by Honey (such as spamming barrier) her pigtails aren’t rendered every frame. Footage of this can be found on my channel.

Check out more Rob Krum videos on his YouTube channel

In continued conversations Krum comes off less harsh to Johnny after the host thanked him for the corrections.

It’s more that they weren’t up to date than being reliable. I am admittedly the one who released most of that information and/or wasn’t specific enough about that information to allow speculation and new information has been found since then that just hasn’t spread far enough to replace the old information. The article on tcrf (I don’t know what that is–SWT) requires an extensive overhaul with the discovery of debug mode and it’s been on my to-do list for quite some time. All in all, this is still a really great video, and I’m glad my old Sonic stomping grounds gets the credit here that has been overlooked for many years, ha!

Last weird minor correction I also forgot until just now: Mirrored Honey by default has correct squished models. Go figure lol.

(Unrelated but Johnny Vector himself also notes that Pepsiman only shows up in the Japanese Sega Saturn version of Fighting Vipers, for those of you who care. Look that character some time. It’s…Japanese.)

Also mentioned in the comments is that Honey has made a cameo in the IDW comics during one of their Free Comic Book Day offerings so maybe she’ll end up in the IDW Sonicverse as well at some point. As far as the games…I guess that’s up to Sega.


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