I can’t believe it took me this long to show you guys this.

Onyx the Archwyvernlord usually posts video game plays on his YouTube channel

I have to give the voice actor credit. His fake American accent does get better between the three videos. Not good, but better, and he might be trying to lighten Clark’s voice a bit from Superman’s. I can’t really tell. I do have to ask…was Nick O’Teen just in town the same day as a British school field trip to Metropolis, USA? Those kids didn’t even try to sound American, while I kind of wish “Jimmy” hadn’t tried. Frankly, I’m surprised Nick survived the first cartoon. Even Lex didn’t get the level of abuse Nick does, and Lex tried to kill him more than once. At least he didn’t smoke. Superman would have offed him like Injustice Joker.

While the ads were made for British kids to get them to avoid cigarettes, the animation was done in the US, by Richard Williams Animation Studio. Animator William Goldberg (and this is according to a poster in the comments so don’t quote me on this if it’s wrong) “offered to just dub it over so DC wouldn’t have to but the DC staff said that superman stood for American ideals and hated the thought of him having a British accent”.

If that’s true, I guess some things actually do change.

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