When I first found out Nickelodeon put episode one of this show up I wanted to do a Saturday Night Showcase for it since I had reviewed it when it first aired. And then I didn’t get to it…though in my defense I haven’t had what you’d call a good year. So let’s get that bit of unfinished business dealt with.

For those of you who missed, The Barbarian And The Troll is a weekly comedy action show for Nickelodeon I hope is getting a season two at some point. The show is funny, has good character development, and it’s all done with puppets. Tonight you latecomers will meet Brendar the Barbarian, who searches for her brother as part of her complicated and mysterious backstory, and Evan the Troll, who wants to ditch the bridge toll life and become a musician. Both are going against their various groups (Brendar the Royal Order Of Warrior Princesses and Evan his father) in order to achieve their goals and will make friends and enemies along the way. Tonight is how it all began. Enjoy.

Season one has already finished and you can probably find it on Paramount Plus or some other streaming service, and I recommend it. If you liked this episode the shows get better.

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. […] be where puppets are strong. Whether it’s something like this or Nickelodeon’s recent The Barbarian And The Troll, or even the stop-motion puppets. It’s a sense of un-reality that still feels solid. Unlike […]


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