Had to work on my aunt’s computer today. (Her and my dad’s came in at nearly the same time and Tuesday I didn’t get any sleep the night before.) So sorry for again rushing something together. Hopefully we’ll have actual articles the rest of the week.

Above is the intro to Dragon Warrior, an incomplete dub of the anime based on the NES video game. While I have played a little bit of the game prior this was basically my introduction to the franchise. It wouldn’t be until the internet came along that I would hear of Dragon Quest, the original Japanese title of the game series. Nowadays games in the series use the “Quest” title over “Warrior” but between that and spin-off games the timeline is apparently confusing, if they take place in the same universe at all.

In the video below James Rolfe comes out of his “Angry Video Game Nerd” persona (still expect some swearing, just not as much as usual) to go into the franchise’s confusing timeline.

Catch more of James at the Cinemassacre YouTube channel.

If you’ve seen the anime you won’t be surprised the one time I played the game after seeing it I named my character Abel. And because I don’t remember seeing it in the video and know some people love to repeat trivia that comes out a lot, the character designs came from Akira Toriyama, of Dragonball fame. I’m not sure when or if the anime factors into the game’s timeline (what there is) but my favorite part was the show comes up with an explanation of why dead monsters would drop jewels. The villain in the show turned precious gems into monsters, and I wish more RPGs would try to use an explanation like that. Some game mechanics can be explained in-universe depending on how it works.

I’d like to go back and play the first Dragon Warrior and maybe check out the rest of the Dragon Warrior franchise but I rarely have time for a heavy RPG game like that. Did any of out there play either version of this game, and am I the only one who saw the anime on TV? I’m rather curious.

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