NOTE: Quite a bit of cursing in this one.

You can catch more of Poppy The Rat on YouTube.

My view on Ken Penders’ run is mixed. There were some general ideas he liked, especially his take on Knuckles that I guess makes sense seeing as this video says it came from an original idea he just tied the echidnas to. On the other hand there was a lot I didn’t like. The mad king, his treatment of Sally, Geoffrey St. John became so annoying I outright hated him. You’ll find some of the Penders run in reviews I made when the comics came out and I do plan to review all the other issues I have, and maybe even revisit those comics I did review, at the next opening after I finish the TRS-80/Tandy Computer Whiz Kids in “Yesterday’s” Comic. I’m wondering what will happen when I revisit the comic but I will pay more attention to when he takes over now than I did back then.

The part where he sued Archie to take complete control of his work and screw up the continuity I’m definitely not a fan of. I stopped reading when I decided they might never end the Mecha-Sally nonsense, so when they rebooted the Archie Sonicverse at the end of the second Mega Man crossover, that was a good time to just drop the title. Mega Man however I kept reading until I lost my job.

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