It’s been a while since I’ve checked into the Kamen Rider franchise. Toei Tokusatsu World, the official YouTube channel, only posts the first two episodes of Kamen Rider shows despite other series getting full postings. It’s nice that their live-action magical girl and Metal Hero shows are getting some love but as one of their most popular franchises outside of Japan despite only two American counterparts you’d think we’d get more.

Kamen Rider Decade isn’t quite an anniversary series. While being the tenth series in the “Heisei” period of Japan it’s the 19th entry in the series overall. However, it does pay tribute to the previous versions by having a hero travel to universes similar to those previous shows instead of having the actual characters involved. The series follows the dimension-hopping Tsukasa Kadoya, aka Kamen Rider Decade, who will either save or destroy the Rider multiverse. If you’ve been around long enough you may remember Matt Burkett’s Apollo Z Hack and The Reviewaverse Saga, and episode of which I made an auditory cameo in. Decade was not only one of the inspirations for the sadly incomplete series in that Hack would be the “savior or destroyer of the Reviewaverse” but a version of the Decade Driver, Decade’s transformation device, ended up being used as a transformation device for that series.

Tonight I bring you the only two episodes, despite being six months after being posted. Yes, I’ve had it in the backlog that long. Let’s not go over my year again. Remember to use the player’s captions for the English subtitles and enjoy.

Hopefully Toei will start posting more episodes for the English-speaking fans. They just started up again with a new batch of Kamen Rider shows, again only the first two. I’m not sure what they’re thinking. To my knowledge you can’t get this from a home video distributor in the US…but you might with next week’s installment.

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