Whoever approved this road should be run over on it!

Speed Racer #3

NOW Comics (October, 1987)

“Caught In The Act!”

WRITER: Len Strazewski

PENCILER: Jill Thompson

INKER: Brian Thomas

COLORIST/LETTERER: Ken. Holewczynski

EDITOR: Brian Augustyn

The only people the Racers catch in the act are a bunch of pranksters looking to mess up the Mach-5. What they’d like to catch are the saboteurs ruining races. At an exhibition race, a mysterious racer known only as Racer X joins in (able to listen in to Speed’s radio communication with Pops), and one of the pranksters’ cars has his engine blow up during the race. Speed saves the racer before the car follows the engine while Racer X wins the race.

What they got right: Speed looking to help his fellow racers (since apparently there are no rescue teams at the races in this franchise) shows that life is more important than racing. I don’t know if this is continuing off of the second issue or just starting here but it worse as a start to the storyline. We also introduce Racer X for readers for whom this is their first experience with the franchise and may not know his origins.

What they got wrong: I don’t know why, but the story felt a bit short to me. Not that there were parts missing or anything, but that it felt like there wasn’t a full issue of story. Why does the Robotech comic I’m reviewing right now need a back-up when this one doesn’t have one?

What did I think overall: It’s a decent enough story and I’m curious who the saboteurs are and how Racer X is involved (presumably he’s here to stop them given his story in this continuity as a secret agent).

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