If it’s “just a mantle” then how did I only learn of Joaquin Torres half-way through the comic? Google “Falcon” and you only get Sam Wilson.

The original gag was that Sam isn’t using Falcon anymore so this guy took over, but apparently they did give the identity to someone else, which I only found while actively looking for it. Otherwise searching for Falcon will bring you multiple pages for Sam Wilson, the original Falcon. Again, when you have your own identity and you become Captain America #5 it becomes a step down in your superhero life.

And yes, the new Falcon got his powers from Redwing, Sam’s old bird ally and Pet Avenger member, who is now a vampire bird and Joaquin Torres was infused with his DNA or something by Karl Malus. That means they ruined Redwing with a dumb idea (at least Ms. Lion isn’t the only Pet Avenger being mistreated by writers anymore) and gave the Falcon identity to someone nobody cares about and never even promoted it. Marvel, your finding new ways to fail while DC sticks to the old ways of failing and I’m not sure who I feel sorrier for.

Over at The Clutter Reports this week I organized my tablets and smartphones into something usable, only one of which is actually being uses as a smartphone. I’m pretty sure I can’t take on any more Android devices at this point though so hopefully 4G doesn’t die any time soon.

As mentioned yesterday Sonic X comics will be taking over the Monday comic review slot since I’m out of DC comics in the main or alternate DC multiverse. This will be followed up by the Archie Sonic comics I never reviewed because they predate the forming of the site. While we get something new for Monday’s comics we say good-bye to Star Trek: Prime Directive over at Chapter By Chapter. That means a full book report round-up over at The Clutter Reports followed by the reveal of the next Chapter By Chapter book to review one chapter at a time. I would also really like to get a Finally Watched in but every time I say that something goes wrong. Anyway, have a good week, everyone! I’ll try not to be late like I was with the Robotech comic review and today’s script, but we’ll see what the universe tosses at me.

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