Well, considering what their name means….

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #12

Marvel/Paramount Comics (December, 1997)

“Telepathy War” part 2: “Command Decisions”

WRITERS: Michael Martin & Andy Mangels

PENCILER: Tom Grindberg

INKER: Bob Almond

COLORIST: Glynis Oliver

LETTERER: Chris Eliopoulos

EDITOR: Tim Tuohy

Continued from Starfleet Academy #12: The Dominion forces and their Cardassian allies are about to launch a joint attack on Deep Space Nine. This seems like a bad time for Omega Squadron to drop in but it may be just the right time. Admiral Decker and the Enterprise-E arrive in search of Omega Squad but Matt and Nog have a plan that helps fake their deaths so they’ll leave. Meanwhile the Klingons plan a frontal attack even though Sisko thinks their combined force isn’t ready for that yet. Kira agrees with the Klingons and with Odo and Garak swipe the Defiant, not realizing Nog is on board when he forgets to wipe the info showing he grabbed the squad from the runabout. They also beam Worf away who also agrees with them, though Troi claims he was surprised. Then again she lied about not sensing T’Prell and Edam, who arrive with Matt and Pava to offer their help just as the Jem’Hadar come through the wormhole.

What they got right: The events in Starfleet Academy are tied to the Dominion War as well as the Telepathy War storyline so it makes sense that the two events intertwine here. While this does reduce Omega Squadron’s part in the story, this isn’t their title and they’re only here because of their attempts to warn Starfleet about the assault on telepaths, who can sense the Changeling spies. The main plot here is the disagreement between Sisko and Kira and how she responds. We don’t know yet who’s in the right (I’m guessing that comes next issue, which is also part 3 of Telepathy War) but this is in keeping with their characters given the current situation.

What they got wrong: The arrival of Enterprise-E however contributes little to the plot. The TNG crew and Admiral Decker don’t really benefit either storyline other than to establish the crossover.

What did I think overall: A decent start to a DS9 story but more of a set-up when it comes to the crossover.


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  1. […] get some more focus this time as part of the crossover. Instead it actually has less focus than the previous issue and I can’t give it the same pass. The only contribution is giving Edam and T’Prell an […]


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