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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #13

Marvel/Paramount Comics (January, 1998)

“Telepathy War” part 3: “Day Of Honor”

WRITERS: Michael Martin & Andy Mangles

PENCILER: Tom Morgan

INKER: Keith Williams


LETTERER: Chris Eliopulos

EDITOR: Tim Tuohy

Kira, Odo, and Garak have swiped Worf from DS9 and headed into the battle, not realizing Nog is aboard. They end up getting their heads handed to them but this may have been a diversion as more Cardassian and Jem’Hadar forces attack the station. T’Prell is injured when Omega Squadron helps repel borders and goes into a healing trance. Both groups end up saved when the Romulans join in the fight on the side of the Alpha Quadrant, chasing the Dominion and their allies off. Decker still wants to take his son and Pava in while T’Prell recovers and Edam stays to help her recover. Meanwhile, the Enterprise-E is handling other Dominion forces. (“Telepathy War” continues in Star Trek Unlimited #6).

What they got right: We get some good action as well as Sisko not accepting their resignations because they’re still in the show he’s not ready to toss out what they’ve built the past five years.

What they got wrong: I was hoping the Telepathy War related parts of the story would get some more focus this time as part of the crossover. Instead it actually has less focus than the previous issue and I can’t give it the same pass. The only contribution is giving Edam and T’Prell an out for the next part. I’m also not sure if Troi snapping at Pava is part of the event or a mistake of her character, or even part of the foreshadowing with T’Prell.

What did I think overall: It’s a weak part of the crossover but a good story on its own.

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  1. […] and treats her shipmates as her enemies before being taken out. Matt and Pava, who were brought on in part 3, are assigned to sickbay under Odo’s watch as Deanna is treated but when Matt tries to see […]


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