Hey, a Guy Gardner moment I actually like. That’s rare.

As the caption gag notes, I’m not a huge Guy Gardner fan. He’s like the embodiment of everything more liberal writers get wrong about conservatives, can be a bully at times, and only gets to be cheered on through the few redeeming qualities he does have. Well, screw that the underworld as Tom King has decided yet again to make a superhero (loosely as Guy matches that description) into a psycho before killing him offBounding Into Comics contributor Spencer Baculi reports that King decided to have Guy be a crazy stalker to his ex-girlfriend Ice before she and Christopher Chance, the Human Target, are forced to kill him in King’s latest chapter of his The Human Target series. I have a few questions I’m betting King didn’t think about:

  1. What are the Guardians Of Oa, not to mention other Green Lanterns, going to think when his ring comes back, the usual result of a dead Lantern so it can find a new owner? Are they going to go after a woman who can freeze people and a guy who makes himself look like anyone else?
  2. Did we really need an Ice/Human Target romance?
  3. What does any of this have to do with a story in which Christopher was poisoned while disguised as Lex and now need to find the cure while Ice tries to prove that Fire wasn’t the guilty party?
  4. If this is canon, does that mean now Guy is dead in-universe (since being shattered and the pieces left to melt usually means your dead, even in comics where that’s not tied to your powers) and now nobody can use him? In the same vein, how does that affect the Green Lantern comics King isn’t working on and are those writers okay with it?

This is just a bad idea all around. What is it with Tom King ruining superheroes? No wonder it doesn’t feel like Dan DiDio hasn’t left when all his acolytes are still working on stuff for DC Comics.

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