“And I thought the ball pit was bad. I’m actually missing the pool!”

Sonic X #6

Archie Comics Publications (May, 2006)

“I Never Promised You A Chao Garden” part 2


PENCILER: Tracy Yardley

INKER: Andrew Pepoy

COLORIST: Ben Hunzeker

COVER ART: Pat “Spaz” Spaziante

EDITOR: Mike Pellerito


Hearing the cries of the artificially grown chao, Tikal returns through the Master Emerald with the Chaos Monster and the other chao. Along with Knuckles they arrive just as Eggman appears in a robot to issue an ultimatum. However, Chuck comes up with a way to block Eggman’s signal, turning the mutated chao back to normal. Tikal takes both groups of chao back with her, but Cheese still wants to remain with Cream, with the hope he can go visit the other chao now and then.

What they got right: I’m usually very harsh on this series, and I probably still will be. The only praise I’ve been able to give it is that the art style matches the TV show so closely. However, I can also give credit for wanting to explore the idea of loneliness. The story began with Cheese missing playing with other chao, Cream’s missing her mom, and Chris being lonely in the big mansion until Sonic arrived. This chapter starts out with Knuckles’ own similar situation.

What they got wrong: Too bad there isn’t really time to explore that. Knuckles and Cheese especially seem to not change. Cheese isn’t even conflicted about staying with Cheese. Knuckles isn’t shown being (or hiding being in his case) the only other echidna of his kind leaving again, and Cream’s mom isn’t brought up outside of the first page. Sonic’s one-liners while de-mutating Eggman’s chao get weaker, like he (or the writer) is running out of his best material.

What I think overall: The issue has a decent start but it doesn’t really go anywhere with it. It’s just Sonic and friends fighting evil chao and despite making an attempt never really gets to go beyond it. I also get the feeling that they didn’t want to accidentally step on the toes of the show (something I wish the DCAU comics had at least considered around this time) but goes a bit far and restricts it’s own story. There has to be a medium between what this comic does and the DCAU comics do.


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