Rights issues are a confusing but fascinating mess and tonight I have a video from Comic Drake that’s a doozy. Interestingly it starts with Captain Shazam up there, follows through into British comics, drags in Spawn, and involves DC and Marvel comics both directly and indirectly. Plus there’s more of that superhero deconstruction I do love so much…oh right, sarcasm doesn’t work as well in text since I actually want it to die or at least take a break until there’s a status quo to discuss because it’s ALL deconstruction now.

The central figure is Marvelman, or Miracleman depending on which point in the character’s life cycle you go with. The history of the series itself is one to be explored at a later date, or just watch this video by Owen Likes Comics, who makes a cameo here along with another BW recommended show, Sasha of Casually Comics. It’s interesting how this tale of lawsuits, mostly between Todd McFarlane and Grant Morrison, that involved Miracleman, variants of Spawn and the angel Angela, and the issue with the character’s name.

Catch more from Comic Drake on YouTube

BW also recommends Owen Likes Comics and Casually Comics from the guests

I’d like to check out the original Marvelman and his allies but Miracleman sounds like the deconstruction I’m long since over and why there are few Alan Moore superhero stories I’m interested in. I don’t care what superheroes would be like in the real world because Batman couldn’t exist in the real world. I just want to have fun in this science fantasy world of superheroes. As to why I post about rights issues, things like this do have an impact on stories, as we see in this whole thing, and who owns what character. It’s why we don’t get certain characters returning…though given the current climate in comics I’m not so sure that’s a bad thing.


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