And yet it looks like I’m going to need another one. My schedule has been broken for a while now. I’ve had late uploads, filler videos because I ran out of time for a proper feature article, and things not getting done when I wanted. It doesn’t help that, as I go over in this week’s Clutter Report, we have a new DVR box so it’s a race to watch everything on the old one that doesn’t seem to want to record. On the plus side I’m banking a bunch of Finally Watched articles for the future, but on the downside it’s something else eating into my time.

I’ve also been wanting to really play with certain pieces of software and learn how to use them better, relink a few things on the site, and try out things that could make for future content in articles, comics, and videos, as well as various combinations of the three. I’ve only done one Reconstruction Zone and one Re-Covered since I started the series a few years ago. So they’re not even series yet. There’s my various backlogs

Therefore I’m taking the next two weeks off to try and do at least some of that. It seems like a decent stop point in the book review, though honestly I would have rather waited until I was between books, though that does mean some of the comics under review are on cliffhangers for a while. I may do some articles for The Clutter Reports but I need time to get some things done and hopefully I won’t get sick and ruin that time off like I’ve done before. So have a great next two weeks. Hopefully the idea I have for the next Jake & Leon can be properly sorted into four panels–the reason there’s no comic today on top of what I just mentioned–and that’s what we’ll return on.


About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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