It’s that time again. Free Comic Book Day is making it’s post-pandemic (depending on who you ask) return and comic stores are getting their offerings together. Depending on the weather I would love an opportunity to get out of the house for something other than doctors and shopping, but whether (no pun intended) I go or not I won’t be recording anything. While my local comic store is going to have guests I just want to enjoy myself for once. If I change my mind I’ll have my smartphone in hand but otherwise no plans to do anything other than see comics and maybe pick a few up, after which I’ll do the usual Twitter live-reaction as I read through them and do reviews possibly during the week. We’ll see what happens depending on what, if anything I pick.

Going over the catalog for this year (for those of you reading well after the fact you may see a different catalog) I noticed a heavy emphasis on horror and darker comics. Sure, Archie is still in that somewhat realistic “this isn’t what Archie comics have looked like in the many decades before changing everything” style but other titles seem to be focusing more on darker themes. We have yet another Neverland without Peter Pan story, a bunch of Endless wanna-bes trying to restore their dark god, and stories like that. Meanwhile the kids comics are VERY kids comics, meaning that we still have this barrier between kids and adults because nobody seems to want to make all-ages comics. Marvel has three offerings while DC has zero. I guess Warner Brothers Discovery wasn’t told how big Free Comic Book Day is, and when you’re trying to get eyes on comics, if WBD even cares which I doubt, it’s kind of important. Not that either universe is really worth exploring anyway.

However I did find seven comics that look like I might want to check them out at least. Doctor Who seems to want to go all-in on the Timeless Child with the practical mascot of that retcon on the cover so I’ll pass, while Avatar has Korra as well as Aang and I’m not sure I’m interested. So what would I be looking to check out if I make it to Free Comic Book Day?

  • Ninja Turtles: I was enjoying IDW’s Ninja Turtles in the way I wish I had their Transformers so I’m curious what the current status is. Apparently the mutants have staked out their own corner of New York so I must have missed out on a lot. I really want to know if the title is still any good. I’m not sure why there are more Ninja Turtles now according to the solicit and I’m curious about how they’re going to add in Venus when they already created their own girl turtle (a former human).
  • Disney Masters Donald Duck & Co Special: Fantagraphics is continuing the comics that inspired the relaunched Ducktales, the rare reboot done right (though I still like original Webby). That’s all I need. Apparently we’re getting Super Goof too.
  • Max Meow: Cat On The Street: Of the kids comics I saw this was the one that interested me. Dav Pilkey just isn’t my style. I considered the Pokémon comic but given that I’m trying to declutter my comic collection that seemed like doing the opposite. (I want to talk to the owner of my old comic store about ways to sell off some of the comics beside the clutter for sale page over at The Clutter Reports since I don’t know what he can even use.) This is also one of the few superhero comics being offered and while I have nothing against other genres most of what they have this year are horror, slice of life, and a handful of superhero stories.
  • Sonic The Hedgehog: I’ve heard good things about IDW’s Sonic but I only have one Free Comic Book Day offering for any clue. So this will be my second look.
  • Street Fighter Masters Blanka: I’ve always managed to enjoy Udon Studio’s Street Fighters comics when I’ve had the chance to get them so I’m expecting more of the same. Sadly none of the comics on my list seem to come with previews.
  • The Guardian Of Fukushyma: A French comic that blends the near-disaster at the nuclear reactor when the tsunami hit Japan a few years ago with Yokai. I don’t know if I’ll actually pick this up but I do want to take a look.
  • The Three Stooges: Admittedly I’m not a huge Stooges fan. While I do find it interesting that they’re making a comic based on the black and white comedic trio, and highlighting all three “third stooges” what sold me is that they’re including the “Robonic Stooges”. Oh, I should introduce you.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there was a cartoon, part of the Skate Birds show if memory serves, in which the more popular Stooges were turned into Dynomutt. This is pure nostalgia because frankly the show doesn’t quite hold up for me but curiosity is the name of the game with Free Comic Book Day (I’ve certainly written it enough times in this article) and I want to see what they do with it. This isn’t even the first time they made a Three Stooges animated cartoon, and I’m not talking about their New Scooby-Doo Movies appearance.

If I do get any of these I’ll do a live-tweet over at It depends on the weather. What are you guys excited for? Whatever you’re getting, remember to buy something. Some back issues, borders and bags for your comics, some kind of merchandise maybe. Just do something to make this profitable for the comic store, as they’ve been taking a pounding and as noted in the video from earlier today the comic stores have to pay for these comics they aren’t selling. Have a good Free Comic Book Day!


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