Hope your Free Comic Book Day went well. I’m sure your eyes have been busy so tonight let’s do a little something for your ears that we can tie to this event.

Audio dramas have managed to survive without radio, thanks to the internet though it did hold in with home audio. You know, cassettes and CD, the audio version of VHS and DVD. HBO Max, for whatever reason but I’m happy they did, decided to produce a series of audio dramas for their YouTube channelBatman: The Audio Adventures are a series of slightly campy but still serious tales of Gotham City and those who dwell in it. This first episode at least is a series of short adventures drawn together under the theme of “life and death in Gotham City”, featuring four adventures and a series of fun advertisements.

In our first story, Jack Ryder gets the opinion of citizens about word that Batman would be considered a special consultant to Gotham PD. The second has a kingpin meet his match before he even gets close to killing Batman. In the third we get a somewhat different take on Two-Face that builds off of his split personality and I kind of like actually. I don’t know if it would work elsewhere but it’s good here. The final tale shows the Joker’s hiring practices. Enjoy.

As of this writing episode two is up. This is a rather fascinating take. It manages to not be all dark and gloomy while staying true to the darker world the Batman inhabits. It manages to be fun without being Silver Age or Batman ’66/The Brave And The Bold levels of campy. It’s a fun listen and I hope future installments, depending on what happens with the new management, keep that pace up.


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