Yes, the guy who watches Paw Patrol and Spidey & His Amazing Friends watches Bluey. If you’re surprised, you’re new here. Anyway, in the episode “Camping” Bluey makes a friend from another family camping nearby. His name is Jean-Luc and in the episode he only learns English by their next meeting. He only speaks French for the majority of this visit though, as the episode is about how despite the language barrier Bluey and Jean-Luc find a way to communicate and play together in the brief time they have to play together. Here’s a sample from the official YouTube channel.

This Australian series about a six year old cattle dog and her family in a world where dogs are the people is distributed all over the world, and in multiple languages…including French. So how does the French dub use the French character? They make him speak English. From the official FRENCH YouTube channel.

Am I hearing things or does this Jean-Luc have an Australian accent? Anyway I thought this was neat. So if you find the full episode in both English and French you can teach your kids a bit of Frances.


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