I guess the first miniseries must have done well for them, because Hasbro partnered with Sunbow and Marvel Productions to create a second miniseries, G.I. Joe: The Revenge Of Cobra. Introducing some new characters on both sides of the battle (many of whom would become regular characters in the series), this five-parter contains the episodes “In The Cobra’s Pit”, “The Vines Of Evil”, “The Palace Of Doom”, “Battle On The Roof Of The World”, and “Amusement Park Of Terror”. That last one is frankly odd, but they all explain what happened. You can watch the five episodes individually or just watch the movie edit below in tonight’s Showcase.

Cobra has a new weapon, the Weather Dominator, that can cause meteorological havoc. With Duke captured (again, but this time he has Snake Eyes for company), new second in command Flint out of action, and a whole host of snakes, can the Joes save the world again? Let’s watch!

Is it just me or did the animation quality drop in this one? Also of note is that Ron Friedman reused a few ideas from the first miniseries, which he also wrote. Duke getting kidnapped, hunting the pieces of the Cobra device in dangerous locations, one group of heroes having to make their way back to Joe HQ, Duke in the arena of death being remotely controlled by Cobra Commander and Destro like video game characters (though again, this time with Snake Eyes, meaning Flint and Mutt had to be the ones running back to headquarters), the girl who doesn’t have a toy but has to help save the day, Breaker screwing up at the end followed by “nobody’s perfect” “no, but we do okay”–and yet it might have been the time between each miniseries making it not matter as much then as watching them back to back now. There’s still enough differences to feel like a new story.

And this miniseries did well enough not only for a third, but for it to be the start of a full-fledged weekday series. Next time: Cobra forgets to pay the electric bill…or something. Guess they were too busy making Ewoks that turn into Wampas. You’ll see what I mean.


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