Even the cover is confusing.

Robotech: Sentinels–Rubicon #2

Antarctic Press (August, 1998)

“Shadows Of The Past”

WRITER: Alan Nepomuceno

ARTIST: Vithoon Kamchareon & Michel Lacombe

Rick and Lisa are worried about the missing ships as Max goes to investigate but they don’t want talks with a new race to be spoiled by talk of the remaining Invid. Meanwhile some of our characters get attacked, someone tries to slip Dana a mickey at a club, Minmei opens up about her failed romances and that’s the best I can understand of what’s happening until the end. Max’s search party comes across two alien beings and try to fold out before they’re all destroyed…I think.

Yeah, this is more confusing than the previous issue. So much is on setting up things without explanation. Nova is here now and one of the Amazons I guess. Sean is cheating on Marie, his now wife, and I’m not sure if he or this JC character is dating this Meg character and I’m not sure if she’s into bi threesomes or if I’m reading someone else’s dialog and I swear they shoved Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7 in here somehow, which just increases my opinion of this as bad fanfic from the previous issue. This story seem more interested in setting up all the stuff the writer wants happening way into the future of the series and the actual mecha battle stuff is an afterthought if that. I can’t identify most of these characters even when they give their names and the new characters, if there are any, tend to blend in.

Yeah, I can see why I dropped this series. Two issues in and it’s mostly guesswork trying to understand anything. So it wasn’t just the lack of continuation of the Waltrips’ Sentinels story that turned me off but how boring and confusing it all is. These two issues I’ve reviewed were all that was made and I don’t see it as any real loss. This just wasn’t very good.

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