The annual Ameritek barbecue always ends this way.

Steel #3

“Bad Company”

WRITERS/CREATORS: Louise Simonson (also script) & Jon Bogdanove

PENCILER: Chris Batista

INKER: Rich Faber

COLORIST: Gina Going

LETTERER: Pat Brosseau

EDITOR: Frank Pittarese

Colonel Weston is given an introduction to the more dangerous version of the Tar drug called S-Tar. Then he’s attacked by Steel, who wants to know where the Tar and Toastmasters are coming from. Weston promises to look into it, but Steel is just messing with him, as part of his infiltration plan. He later breaks into Ameritek looking for evidence of Weston’s involvement with both, which given their history he isn’t happy about. Meanwhile, Jem continues to get caught in the gang war and blames John for the attack that killed Spiral and the raised violence against their family.

What they got right: Steel shows off his smarts don’t stop at creating his armor. He actually comes up with a good strategy to get the information he needs without them realizing it. Plus he’s able to figure out Weston’s involved but doesn’t let on when baiting his trap. There’s some good action, and the personal drama interests me more here than in Priest’s run. (You can see my reviews here on the site. I was not a fan.)

What they got wrong: John’s terrible at keeping his secret identity. He practically tells Weston who he is almost immediately, the gangs he’s dealing with apparently know who he is…and he’ll only get worse from here as soon the whole world will know. Good thing he managed to hold on to it when he was honoring Superman as Man Of Steel.

What I think overall: A good story and the Steel I was hoping to read when I was actually adding it to my comic shop pull list.

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