One more Saturday Night Showcase worthy entry in the filler video list so let’s use that tonight.

Ultraman R/B is the 28th or 30th entry in the Ultra series depending on which info source I use. This one actually features a pair of brothers (and later a sister who becomes an Ultrawoman) who are given the power to become Ultramen to battle a monster. Younger brother Isami shares his late mother’s passion for “space archeology” while older brother Katsumi is a clothing expert at their father’s store. The brothers support each other but soon they will join forces when they are given the power to save their town from a giant monster. Enjoy.

The brothers and Ultrawoman Grigio are now important characters in the online “Ultra Galaxy Fight” series on the official YouTube channel, while this series is available online through Shout Factory TV’s Tokushoutsu ad sponsored streaming service. Oddly, in the Mill Creek Ultra-Verse video releases only the two movies are available as of this writing. I’m not sure why that is but at least in the US you can watch it. I’m not sure if it works for other countries.


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