Well, that’s a fashion choice. Pity the sap who chose it.

Robotech: Clone #1

Academy Comics, Ltd (January, 1995)

“The Dialect Of Duality” part 2

WRITER: Rosearik Rikki

ARTIST: Tavisha Wolfgarth

Finally realizing Demont left the ship after tracking her re-entry to the planet, Gilles leads her team of Shock Divers to the planet but orders Rueis to stay behind, ostensibly because of some nervous breakdown he had in the past but he’s also annoyed Rueis was trash talking Demont. The group finds her hanging in mid-air comatose. Meanwhile, a being on the planet fails to “record” a human, only gathering her memories (I think it’s Demont), so it invades the ship, having a discussion with the spider involving protoculture that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me at this point. His (her?) arrival hasn’t gone unnoticed however and the captain sends a squad to investigate.

What they got right: The reference to Sami getting on COs smoking on the bridge in the original war was cute but also worked into the story well enough if Dumont is actually a smoker. The art is pretty good.

What they got wrong: How do you do lore building yet still lose me with the lore? Somehow it manages to do both with the spider and the other character. While giving them unique fonts makes sense given what I remember of them, they chose a good one for the spider but not the invader.

What I think overall: I’m still having a tough time seeing this as a Robotech story. This might have been better served as an original property.


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