“Why won’t this elevator get here?”

Street Fighter Free Comic Book Day 2016

Udon Studios (May, 2016)

LETTERER: Matt Molan


“Coffee Break”

WRITER: Ken Siu-Chong

ARTIST: Edwin Haung

COLORIST: Hanzo Steinbach

“Sibling Rivalry”

WRITER: Ken Siu-Chong

ARTIST/COLORIST: Jeffery “Chamba” Cruz

“Seat Of Power”

WRITER: Matt Moylan

ARTIST: Brendon Tapper

I don’t know Rashid. I think he must have been added in a later game than I’ve played and he didn’t make to any of the shows and movies I’ve seen. He seems to be into parkour as he helps a scientist friend test a new type of scanner. The scientist is also working on a device that ” ‘reprints’ recorded memories onto ‘blank’ neural networks” as a way to treat brain damage but someone sends in a cyborg to steal it. Rashid tries to stop him but barely manages to survive and help the staff. The cyborg turns out to be Charlie Nash. I had to look him up because I always thought Blanka was a mutated Charlie but I guess Capcom went in a different direction. This seems like set-up for something in the main comics but I haven’t read the other two chapters yet. Let’s get to the next one.

Sean and Laura Matsuda, two more characters I know nothing about. Sean is trying to represent their grandfather’s signature style but with the extra techniques she’s learned Laura easily wins. Dejected, Sean sees Ken defeat Zangief to win a tournament (finally, characters I know) so he decides to learn Ken’s style as well. Another set-up story. In the past these Free Comic Book Day Street Fighter stories were good stand-alone tales but this issue it seems to be more interested in setting up stories in the comics (or maybe the backstories for the games, I’m not sure) than telling a good story on its own.

Karin Kanzuki I at least know from one of those other FCBD comics. Forced to travel with the other fighters is bad enough for the rich girl but when Birdie tries to steal her seat she gives him a lesson in manners. And he deserves it, so I have no trouble rooting for her. At least one of these stories stands alone, unless you count that they’re headed to the next tournament.

Overall this was a good comic but I wish more of it had been something that stood on their own like in other FCBD books instead of set-up for a comic series I sadly was never able to catch. This is a great series and someday I hope to be able to collect Udon’s whole Street Fighter run.


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