“Yep, it’s way past time to see a doctor.”

Spider-Man: The Manga #27

Marvel Comics (February, 1999)

WRITER/ARTIST: Ryoichi Ikegami

TRANSLATION: Mutsumi Masuda

RETOUCH: Dano Ink Studios

COVER COLORIST: Frank J. Viturello

EDITOR: Dan Nakrosis

Yu is worried about Mitsuo having spider-powers and his spider-sense is giving him nightmares with its warnings that something bad is about to happen. Then a series of robberies happens and due to the methodology Yu is sure it’s Mitsuo. Yukiko tells Yu about how the family business was seized by greedy board members, leading to their parents committing suicide and the extended family turning the kids away. She also tells him that Mitsuo is suddenly getting money from nowhere, confirming Yu’s suspicions. For her sake and his own, Yu suits up as Spider-Man, who the mystery thief has challenged.

What they got right: I like that Yukiko points out that, despite Yu’s concerns, he wouldn’t have turned out like Mitsuo in a similar life situation because Mitsuo always had a chip on his shoulder. The art is still really good.

What they got wrong: The pacing issues between manga and US comic format are in play here as things move a lot slower here than I think it would have reading the story as originally intended. I kind of wonder if this helped inspired the “writing for the trade” method Marvel employs now.

What I think overall: The story moves a bit slow this issue but that’s more the format translation than the story itself. I would like to see more Spider-Man in this Spider-Man comic.


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