At least he brought his best friend.

Tonight I planned to do a Finally Watched. Then I realized that trying to explain something in the intro would be better served as it’s own article going into the Finally Watched. Then the day (I’ve been recovering from a cold) punched me in the face and I wasn’t up to doing neither. It’s now close to an hour over launch time and I’m not even sure I’ll have anything posted for tomorrow or even the weekend at this rate outside of a pre-written and scheduled Saturday Night Showcase. So I need something here.

Earlier this week I took James Rolfe’s video about Saturday Morning and offered a few corrections. So here’s one where I’m more in agreement. While Mel Brooks didn’t inform my style of “comedy” he did provide many laughs and I’m curious to see what else he has planned he’s also a comedic talent that many commentators have said couldn’t be done in the current sociopolitical culture. I do agree there’s some truth to that but it’s not like he hasn’t fought before for a joke. Brooks knows how to do a loving parody, even if he isn’t a fan of what’s being parodied himself. He’s not a sci-fi fan but Spaceballs is beloved by the sci-fi fandom who doesn’t have a head up their backside. In this video, Rolfe goes over the history of Brooks’ career and shows why the man could always make us laugh.

Catch more of Rolfe at Cinemassacre on YouTube

I think Spaceballs was the first full Brooks movie I saw because science fiction is one of my favorite genres. While he wasn’t involved with the writing for G4’s Spaceballs: The Animated Series (though he should have been since the show sucked so bad I know why they had trouble finding somehow to pick up the show until G4 made the mistake of saying yes) he did provide the voice of his characters from the movie, along with Daphne Zuniga and Joan Rivers also returning. He was a great director and writer but he was also a good actor. However, I did catch parts of Blazing Saddles, History Of The World, and Get Smart so I’m familiar enough with his work to enjoy it and know when his name comes up that laughter will follow. Does he have more in him? Hopefully we find out soon.


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