What happens if you make an Ultraman series without Ultraman (outside of a short cameo near the end of your 13 episode series)? You get a bunch of humans watching monsters fight each other and hoping to not die. Welcome to the world of Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle, which you know will be good because it’s still a Tsuburaya production.

Based on the video game Mega Monster Battle: ULTRA MONSTERS, this pay-per-view series follows the crew of the ZAP Spacy ship Pendragon. This version of Earth has been kaiju free for 50 years but when they pull a USS Enterprise by being the nearest ship capable of investigating the planet Boris (where you get your naming style from, Titan A.E.? How far is it from planet Bob?) they find monsters and a mysterious man who can summon other monsters. And with Red King, one of the most dangerous monsters in the Ultra Multiverse, coming after them they’re going to need all the help they can. Enjoy.

I don’t believe Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle is anymore tied to the Ultra Galaxy Fight series than Super Dimensional Calvary Southern Cross is to Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, (outside of the Robotech connection). They seem to just share a name. The show would be followed up by the theatrical film Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends and the sequel series Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey. (The first episode of that is on the TokuSHOUTsu YouTube channel as well but I’ve done so many Ultraman shows on Saturday Night Showcase this year I’ll just let you find it.) That’s both a really long name and an excuse to shove “Neo” into something. It already sounds very Japanese. The two links I put in there goes to the TokuSHOUTsu pages for the respective shows if you want to see them, but Shout Factory did not license the movie as of this writing. It’s not even up on Ultraman Connection for us English-speaking people. However, you can get both series and the movie on home video thanks to Mill Creek Entertainment.


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