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Here’s the article with the head writer, which also goes into how people working on Netflix’s The Witcher adaptation didn’t care about the source material. A Netflix adaptation that doesn’t care about the source material. Imagine my (lack of) surprise. To quote myself from the comments: You don’t even need to be a fan specifically. Look at Harve Bennett and Star Trek. He wasn’t a fan but he watched the old show to get the tone right and Wrath of Khan is considered by many to be the best Star Trek movie. Or how about Mel Brooks, self-admittedly not into science fiction but Spaceballs is not only a great sci-fi parody, if you took out the gags you’d still have a decent sci-fi adventure. The point is to care enough about the fans who made something popular enough that you’re making a movie based on it, not do something that loses the casuals in the process (a concern with having a fanboy who may end up with a pet character or something), and wants to tell a good story with these characters that honors the legacy while drawing in new fans who may actually like this stuff but never saw it.


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