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Robotech #0

WildStorm Productions/DC Comics (February, 2003)


STORY: Tommy Yune

WRITERS: Jay Faerber

ARTISTS: Jim Lee, Alé Garza, Carlos D’Anda, Lee Bermejo, Trevor Scotty, Richard Friend, and Sandra Hope

COLORING: Udon Studios

LETTERER: John E. Workman

EDITOR: Ben Abernathy

Just after the final battle of the First Robotech War Captain Rick Hunter, leader of Skull Squadron, uses a prototype Veritech to rescue his people from a group of Zentraedi rebels. Doctor Lang chastises him for endangering the prototype but Rick is convinced he needed it to get there in time, and noticed some issues with the transformation system. Seeing the old Veritech piloted by Roy  Fokker he flashes back to when he was a kid and Roy was still flying in the air circus. He took a risk flying in a thunderstorm to give the people a show rather than canceling. However the war is calling and Roy decides to fly for his country, promising Rick he’ll be back when the war is over. Of course, he didn’t plan on a certain space battle fortress dropping in.

What they got right: It’s only have the comic as a preview, with the other half just being art pieces but it’s a good showing of Roy’s early years and Rick’s personality and skills by the end of his part of the series. There’s also some really good art…and given how many names are on it it should be.

What they got wrong: Outside of an afterword by Yune there’s nothing here to really give an idea what WildStorm’s take on Robotech is going to be. Remember, this is the fifth company to take on the property, with only Eternity and Academy Comics being connected to each other beyond the original series adapted by Comico (their only original story being the day the SDF-1 crashed on Earth in Robotech: The Graphic Novel, which as far as I know is still taken as canon by other media). Yune wasn’t going to go back to the Eternity/Academy ideas nor the Antarctic Press run, so an idea of what they intended would have been nice.

What I think overall: Yes, I know there is a “sourcebook” and I didn’t review that because it wasn’t a comic. That fact might have kept others from picking it up at all, so it would have been nice to have more of an idea what Yune’s take would be. However, the story we get is quite good, depending on what it goes for now.

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