This looks so much cooler than it does in the comic.

Tails #3


Archie Comics Publications (February, 1996)

“Southern Crossover” part 3


PENCILER: Dave Manak

INKER: Harvo

COLORIST: Barry Grossman

COVER ART: Pat Spaziante & Harvo


LETTERER: Mindy Eisman

EDITOR: Scott Fulop

Learning that he’s the crater that once held what is now the Floating Island, Tails is give the story of the arrival of the Chaos Emeralds on prehistoric Mobius, and that he has a destiny attached to them, by the Ancient Walkers. Meanwhile the Downunda Freedom Fighters manage to destroy the CD Rom Ram of Crocbot, but not before Barby is knocked into the crater, where she recruits Tails to stop the blimp’s arrival. Tails and Barby take on Crocbot and manage to force the blimp to crash, also saving Wombat Stu. Crocbot escapes in his tank, but even Guru Emu is sick of him and sends one of Walt’s exploding boomerangs as a good-bye gift, damaging the tank. Now cooled off, Tails wonders if he can return home, when the Forty Fathoms Freedom Fighters arrive with a repaired Sea Fox. So Tails heads home to tell his friends that they aren’t the only Freedom Fighters on Mobius.

What they got right: The story itself ends well as Tails is part of the final battle but the Downunda Freedom Fighters get to be the heroes of their own area. Future storylines are set-up for our little Miles’ future adventures. We also learn more about the Echidnas, the Ancient Walkers, and the Chaos Emeralds but not at the expense of the main story.

What they got wrong: “CD Rom Ram”? Gallagher’s humor tastes and mine clash a couple of times, and having the blimp go down Hindenburg style just doesn’t sit well with me. I recently saw an old episode of The Waltons that reminds you just how tragic that event was.

What I think overall: I wish this had turned into an ongoing, with Tails sent to unite all the different Freedom Fighters. You could even have him come home to take part in any game adaptations he needs to be a part of. Granted, I’m biased because Tails is my favorite Sonic character, especially after he was given all his building skills but that was Rotor’s bit at this point in franchise history. Still, if Tails and T-Pup (from later in the Archie run) had their own solo comic I would have bought the daylights out of it.


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