They’re chasing them right out of space.

Runners: Bad Goods #3

Serve Man Press (June, 2004)


Read the color version here. I’m still using the black and white original because that’s what I have in print form.

Barely escaping the bounty hunters by using their escape pods as missiles, the Khoruysa Brimia is force to go to a station for repairs, run by a race who has some issues with Roka for overdue fees at a different station. Unaware that the authorities want to talk with him, Roka goes with Cember and Bennesaud to get a replacement escape pod while managing to recover one of their own. It turns out that the pod belonged to the other freighter, which Ril realizes means Harmon is here as well. Meanwhile, Bocce and the girl find no record of her race at all, but at least they come up with a name for her, Sky. At a bar Roka is approached by the authorities while Cember runs into Harmon.

What they got right: You know how I’ve complained about the way TekWar the novel is handling worldbuilding? This comic does a better job. Conversations about the race that runs the station and the history of these large stations feels like a conversation they’ve have going to the docking platform. The crew uses their wits and comes up with an escape plan (though the arriving police kind of help). We learn more about Sky…in that nobody knows anything about her, furthering her mystery but we know they have resources that should be helpful but aren’t, adding to that mystery.

What they got wrong: I’d say the coincidence of Harmon being here but it’s the nearest space station where he could peddle the surviving pod from the other freighter. I see what Wang was intending with the Jondhi language, putting the translation over the alien language which isn’t even using our alphabet, but I think the captions off to the side like usual, while obscuring art, would have had a cleaner look. This was kept for the color version as well.

What I think overall: I’m still enjoying this re-read though now that there’s a color version I miss reading it in color. The reprint graphic novel is in color I think, but this is the version I have and the art is still nice and I don’t feel like rebuying the comic just for the color version, which is online anyway.


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