If you think it’s just fans of Cowboy Bebop who hated what Netflix did to the anime classic, you should hear the creator’s opinion. Shinichirō Watanabe couldn’t even make it through the first scene without being disappointed in how little they understood his series and character. I’d link to the Forbes interview but you only get a small number of three reads (if you don’t get sick of the pop-ups like I did) so the site is pretty much useless. Bounding Into Comics has a summary for us though, as Watanabe also discusses working on The Animatrix, the animated shorts based on the Matrix movies, while the article also notes that Dragon Ball’s creator hated the live-action American “adaptation” of his work as well.

This is what happens when you put people with no respect for the source material in charge of the adaptation, and we all know animation and comics are beneath Hollywood, even when they come from Japan.


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