Giant From The Unknown is a 1958 low-budget…sci-fi? horror? What genre does this go in? It’s the story of a giant conquistador from Unknown, Spain who somehow keeps coming back to life and dying again until it’s time to actually kill someone on-screen. There to stop him is a cop who is looking for an excuse to arrest a local geologist for no apparent reason. Said geologist meets an archaeologist and his obligatory pretty daughter. Can they stop the giant from killing people? How about people of importance?

It’s up to Michael J. Nelson. Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy to bring us the answer and get me something to post for Saturday Night Showcase on a crazy week. Thrill to the grid scans. Be amazed at unbelievable stasis. Wonder why didn’t they didn’t make more Peanuts jokes just because this movie’s Charlie Brown is a minor character. Enjoy…won’t you?

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