Not a scary long list but it happens more often than I thought.

Admittedly he didn’t know they were baddies when he dated them, and if you look at someone like Andrea she became a bad guy after they broke up, but I did look up a list to see if anyone besides Talia and Catwoman could go on this list and I was surprised how many of Bruce’s dates turned out to be evil or became evil at some point. As for Flatline, she is the protege of Lord Death Man in current DC continuity so she’s hardly a hero. I blame Damien’s mother. Or maybe grandpa.

One last distraction this week and I should be able to focus solely on the site. This is good considering we’re starting a new book for Chapter By Chapter that unintentionally ties in to this week’s Jake & Leon. I’m not sure what else is coming outside of the comic reviews (except for Thursday as it’s just me going through non-Marvel leftovers since I’m doing Marvel on Tuesday with more Captain America) but hopefully it’ll be fun for us all. Have a great week, everyone!


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